Marvel developing female led TV properties


Today at SDCC Marvel announced that aka Jessica Jones is moving ahead in development at ABC and that it will include Carol Danvers and Luke Cage in the cast.

The big news was the development of Mockingbird that will place Bobbi Morse in college and follows her adventures as a student by day and secret agent by night. 

KSite TV said Jeph Loeb described it as “Alias meets Felicity” and is targeted for ABC Family.

A series starring Cloak and Dagger is also in development for ABC Family.


Marvel is working on three live-action TV series

According to this Spin-off article, Walt Disney Co.’s CEO has confirmed that Marvel is working on live-action TV series. Though at first it was believed that they were going to develop two series, the CEO has mentioned three. This news comes amidst announcements of newly hired executives and promotions at Marvel Television, so it should be no surprise that Disney and Marvel are working on big things for their TV division.

The article also mentions that Marvel presented ABC (also property of Disney) with a list of properties that could be adapted for the screen. Some of them? Incredible Hulk, Cloak & Dagger, The Punisher, Heroes for Hire, Agents of Atlas and Daughters of the Dragon. Leaving aside Hulk and The Punisher, the possibility for the rest of the series of being adapted for TV would be most welcome. I’m not entirely sure how well would Cloak & Dagger work as a live-action show, but I think that Heroes for Hire and Daughters of the Dragon could be both a success. A TV series for Agents of Atlas could help the team gain more recognition and popularity so that they can come back in comic format. In any case, we’re sure to see big development in Marvel’s TV division and we’ll have to wait for more news.

Avoid angering Dagger. Go vote for her.

First Round: Matches 3 & 4

I’ll be revealing the winners of the previous matches in a couple of minutes, but right now it’s time to vote again! Remember that you have until Wednesday 12AM GMT to vote.

Two long-time enemies go against each other in this match: Ms. Marvel versus Mystique. Carol Danvers recieved her powers when she became half-Kree after an accident that involved Kree technology and Captain Marvel. She’s currently an Avenger in Luke Cage’s team and has battled alcoholism successfully.

Mystique, on the other hand, is a shape-shifter mutant. An enemy of the X-Men, she was also the leader of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Mystique is one of the few bisexual characters from the Marvel U, having been in a long relationship with Desitny.


The next match puts Dust against Dagger. Dust is a mutant from Afghanistan and she’s an example of positive muslim characterization in comics. She has the power to transform into sand or dust and is currently one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men.

Dagger is half of the vigilante duo known as Cloak & Dagger. She obtained her powers as a consequence of a drug-related experiment. She became the personification of light, able to generate light and use it both offensively or defensively.