I am reading the post on black characters in comics, and all I can think as I read the author’s praise of Hudlin’s elevation of black characters is that his treatment of Monica Rambeau via T’challa made and still makes me hop up and down in a shrieking rage whenever I think too much about it. He did nothing to “elevate” her. He took a character who grew from a newbie to a leader of the Avengers and an all around smart, compassionate, witty badass and put her in a position where she only existed to be bossed around by T’challa so that other men (and occasionally women) could comment on his command prowess. Maybe she got more visibility out of the deal, since her only recent appearance (to my memory) at the time had been in Nextwave, but she was sacrificed to a sexist attitude to get that, and I can’t fucking support that.

Reblogging for commentary on Monica Rambeau’s role in Black Panther.

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