Ladyslash kink meme is now open!


An anon kink meme! For ladyslash! For comics! As you all know, ladyslash is probably the smallest shipping branch of comics fandom, so now is a great chance to request and write all the ladies in love you have ever wanted to. Please reblog or encourage your friends to join in - the more the merrier, and the more people involved the longer the meme will last!

The guidelines post is here, and the prompts post is here. As this is my first time doing anything like this I am pretty open to criticism, so feel free to let me know if you think I’ve neglected any rules or should make any changes.

Relevant to our interests!


Femslash Week Recap

Here’s everything that was showcased during MLL’s Femslash Week in case you missed something! Thanks to everyone who took the time to produce their own fanworks especially for this week. Thanks to you we got to read, listen to and gaze at awesome stuff. Thanks a lot also to those who submitted or posted comic panels and fics recs. I hope everyone got to have fun during this celebration. MLL lost many followers during the week, but I’m happy to say those are the followers I don’t mind losing. So thank you very much, everyone, for making this possible. None of this would have happened without you!

Sofía “Wind Dancer” Mantega/Laurie “Wallflower” Collins
Untitled by @iamingrid - Fic. Rated: G. No warnings.
Part of a fanmix by @alliterate.

Rikki “Nomad” Barnes/Anya “Araña” Corazón
what you been missing by @tinyfist. Fic. Rated: G. No warnings.
Fanart by @quipquipquip.
Comic panels posted by @gaucheandoutlandish.
Fanart by @quipquipquip.
Picspam by @unicornicopia.
Part of a fanmix by @alliterate.

Nico Minoru/Karolina Dean
Fanart by clytie@deviantart.
Fanart by @quipquipquip.
Art by Emily Warren and Christina Strain, both colorists for Marvel. Emily is also an illustrator.
Picspam by @unicornicopia.
Comic panel from Runaways v2 #17.

Ororo “Storm” Munroe/Yukio
Fanart by @bwahahahabeck.
Picspam by @unicornicopia.

Janet “Giant Girl” Van Dyne/Ororo “Storm” Munroe (Marvel Adventures Universe)
Fanart by @bwahahahabeck.
Comic panels from Marvel Adventures: Avengers #24 posted by @hallidae.

Thundra/Jennifer “She-Hulk” Walters
Comic panel from She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision.

Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse/Natasha “Black Widow” Romanoff
Fanart by @bwahahahabeck.

Carol “Ms. Marvel” Danvers/Jessica “Spider-Woman” Drew
Comic panels from She-Hulk: Sensational submitted by @idratherbeloislane.
Comic panels from Spider-Woman #7 submitted by @idratherbeloislane.
Costumes Optional, Reservations Required by damalur @ LJ. Fic. Rated: G. No warnings. (Recced by @idratherbeloislane.)
Fanvid by @idratherbeloislane.

Lyra/Amelia Hopkins
Comic panels from She-Hulks #3 posted by @gaucheandoutlandish.

Phyla-Vell/Heather “Moondragon” Douglas
Comic panels from Captan Marvel v4 #25 posted by @shobogan.
Fanart by slur-zg@deviantart (posted by @shobogan).
Comic panels.

Laura “X-23” Kinney/Cessily “Mercury” Kincaid
Fanart by @zmpeccadillo.
Part of a fanmix by @alliterate.

Misty Knight/Colleen Wing
Fanart by @chiroptophobia.
Fanart by chup-at-cabra@deviantart (posted by @shobogan).
Fanart by oxoniensis @ DW (originally posted on @daughtersofthedragon).
Picspam by @unicornicopia.
Comic panels from Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #33.
Comic panel from Daughters of the Dragon #1 posted by @ragnell.
"Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me" by Gladys Knight & The Pips posted by @tinyfist.
Part of a fanmix by @alliterate.

Kate “Hawkeye II” Bishop/Cassie “Stature” Lang
Fanart by bluepard2@deviantart (posted by @shobogan).

Mariko “Sunfire” Yashida/Mary Jane “Spider-Woman” Watson (Exiles Universe)
Comic panels.

Art by Gene Espy. NSFW.

Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee/Monet “M” St. Lacroix
Fanart by @bwahahahabeck.
Fanart by @dramedy.
Fanmix by @wundagore.
Part of a fanmix by @alliterate.

Raven “Mystique” Darkholme/Irene “Destiny” Adler
Picspam by @unicornicopia.
Fanart posted by @evillordzog. NSWF.
Comic panel from X-Calibre #3 posted by @ragnell.

Alison “Dazzler” Blaire/Betsy “Psylocke” Braddock
Fanmix by @bwahahahabeck.

Emma Frost/Jean Grey
Underneath It All by fembuck @ LJ. Fic. Rated: NC-17. (Recced and submitted by @wtfxmen.)
Part of a fanmix by @alliterate.

Dani Moonstar/Xi’an “Karma” Coy Mahn
Part of a fanmix by @alliterate.